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“What gets measured gets managed”


Benefit from a
audit to evaluate how to gain efficiency in the use of natural resources

Alterna is a member of the Swiss expert network Reffnet, which allows your company to benefit from the resource efficiency program. This program includes 3 free days of advice with an on-site audit, allowing us to propose an action plan to save materials and save money.

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Understand your impact so that you can then act effectively.

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Understand how your business can contribute to carbon neutrality. Your areas of action are spread throughout your value chain. By effectively targeting the measures, you optimize the reduction of your carbon footprint and maximize the benefits of the process.

Swiss company energy audit

Find out how to reduce your energy consumption to reduce your impact and lower your bill. From lighting to ventilation to insulation, there are many opportunities for improvement.

ISO 14001 audit Swiss company

Alterna helps you in the process of obtaining ISO 14001 certification and setting up your own environmental management system. It is a management and regulatory monitoring tool whose goal is to analyze, reduce and control the environmental impacts linked to your business.



Implement positive impact actions.

Carbon neutrality Swiss company

With the carbon footprint produced, it is possible to identify and carry out the most effective actions to reduce the company's carbon footprint. Act CO2 helps you implement these actions and allows you to highlight how your company contributes to carbon neutrality.

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With the Act Now service, let's put your environmental policy into action. A shift from strategy to the concrete implementation of your measures.

Zero waste Swiss company

There are a number of solutions and practical elements to reduce the amount of waste in the company. Whether these are associated with your products or used by employees, Alterna will help you find zero waste solutions, for example by replacing single-use items.




Communicate with your internal and external stakeholders to inspire, motivate and unite around your approach.

Corporate environmental communication

Motivate your teams and inspire your stakeholders with credible and factual communication. Ensure the sustainability of your actions with appropriate monitoring.


The 'Act for change' workshop informs and sensitizes employees to the various sustainability-related practices to be implemented internally, as well as the various keys to ensure their success.


You have carried out a positive impact action and you would like to communicate using a video on this subject? We are here to make it happen.

Webinar replay
“How can you contribute to carbon neutrality as an SME?”

Carbon neutrality on a global scale is one of the major challenges that companies will have to overcome to continue to operate prosperously.

In this webinar, the co-founders of Alterna discuss how an SME can move forward in this process and will introduce you to the tools, recognized methods, and key arguments that your company can use to credibly contribute to carbon neutrality.

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